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22 Dec

Homemade Gifts

I’m still crafting like a crazy woman…..and loving every minute. John and Uncle Bob took the kids off to the [&hellip

14 Dec

Christmas Chicks

Our hen house has been empty for months now but our house will have chicks for Christmas! No, not real [&hellip

19 Jul

Dog Food Bag Recycled

John was refilling the dog food tin yesterday morning. I noticed that the bag the food came in was made [&hellip

26 Jun

Summer "Go-To" Gifts

My kids are invited to many summer birthday parties. I am a big fan of personal, hand-made items. Each season, [&hellip

9 Apr

Spring Sewing

It’s been a while since I’ve sewn anything. I seem to have been in a winter knitting spell but my [&hellip

5 Nov

Vintage-look Sewing Patterns!!

I can’t resist sewing or knitting patterns. Especially ones that can be obtained on-line — instant gratification, no need to [&hellip

21 Oct


More sewing for Mojo — another dress from the Henrika pattern. This pattern is quickly becoming my favorite

9 Oct

Princess Puppy

Cinderella likes to hang out with John while he works. She needed something cozy to sleep on — so I [&hellip

3 Oct

Atomic Mommy

As I’ve had time to sew and knit lately, I’ve re-stocked my shop! All items are available at noon today

29 Sep

Monkey Girl

I am lucky. Now that Oli is in school each morning, to stave off loneliness and keep the house from [&hellip

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