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8 Mar

Oh, baby!

It’s starting to feel like spring around here.  And spring means new babies!  My friend, Megan, came over last week. [&hellip

3 Mar

The Boy “Go-To” Gift

Each season, I like to have a nice and fun “go-to” gift for kids.  This is the favorite of mine [&hellip

25 Feb


I dropped Mojo at basketball last night.  Then I went home, did the dinner dishes, sent some emails and made [&hellip

23 Feb

Malcolm Refashioned

This week I transformed a shirt we have had for 20 years. John’s brother, my kids’ beloved “Uncle Bob” did [&hellip

17 Feb

Cashmere for Kids

Mojo loves to wear cashmere.  Yes, she has expensive tastes for a nine year old.  Fortunately, she has a mom [&hellip

16 Feb

Magical Boy

Another shirt for Oli to feed his overactive imagination. Or maybe it’s my overactive imagination that’s being fed.  Regardless, we [&hellip

12 Feb

Even More Recycled Tees

This t-shirt recycling is addictive!  Here’s another of the shirts I found this week. Don’t you love it?!  We are [&hellip

11 Feb

T-Shirt Recycling

John and I love to go thrifting.  We have a Goodwill just down the street and we try to pop [&hellip

10 Feb

Robot Boy

This semester is so much lighter at school that I am getting back into my sewing groove. I made this [&hellip

26 Dec

Holiday Crowns

I made these in anticipation of New Year’s Eve. I’m not good at keeping secrets, especially fun ones, so I [&hellip

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