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3 Oct

Harry Potter Project of Doom Quilt

Since I took such a long break from blogging, I have a back log of projects to show off.  My [&hellip

16 Feb


We did a bunch of crafting in December. Margaux wanted to make something special for each of her friends. Her [&hellip

10 Feb

Scrabble Pillows

I made these over the Christmas break. They are made from a drop cloth and black felt. Each one took [&hellip

10 Jan

Handmade Shirt

Another handmade present was this shirt for Margaux. She is a huge “Percy Jackson” fan and the letters represent the [&hellip

8 Jan

American Girl Holiday Dress

I am becoming one of those crazy adults that decorate with dolls. Well, with ONE doll. I have officially taken [&hellip

17 Nov

Little Pilgrim

Though I’m moving full steam ahead with the Christmas crafting, I felt the need to pause and make something that’s [&hellip

30 Apr

Sleeping Linen

Along with sewing more for my kids, I also want to use up some of my fabric stash. I have [&hellip

29 Apr

Muscle Shirt

I’m trying to get back in the swing of sewing for my kids. To start, I tackled a very quick [&hellip

24 Apr

Spring Apron

For all the baking Margaux and I do together, she needed a new spring apron. There is just enough fabric [&hellip

19 Mar

Monster Pants

Oliver is very hard on pants. About this time of year, his are all falling apart. I saw this fun [&hellip

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